Forging Mind



Digital content for emotional well-being and other therapeutic purposes.

Forging Mind creates aesthetic experiences by combining visual artistry and soothing soundscapes.

Oasis For The Soul

Welcome to a sanctuary where art and tranquility merge to create an oasis for the soul. We specialize in crafting meditative and therapeutic videos that serve as a bridge to a serene state of mind. Our creations are designed to transport viewers to a realm of peace and relaxation.

Crafted With Intention

Our creative services extend beyond the conventional, touching the very essence of well-being. Each piece is crafted with the intention to soothe, heal, and inspire. Through a harmonious balance of colours, movement and sound, we aim to evoke a sense of relaxation and mental clarity, fostering an environment where stress dissolves and creativity flourishes.

Why License or Commission Our Creative Services?

Enhance Wellness Programs: Our videos can be integrated into wellness and mindfulness programs, offering a unique tool for stress reduction and emotional regulation. They are perfect for spaces dedicated to healing, such as spas, yoga studios, and wellness centers, enhancing the overall experience of your clients.

Complement Therapeutic Practices: Mental health professionals and therapists can utilise our videos as a complementary tool in therapy sessions, helping clients to relax and engage more deeply in the therapeutic process.

Enrich Public Spaces and Events: Our videos add a captivating and soothing element to public spaces, exhibitions, and events. They serve as a focal point for relaxation and contemplation, making any environment more inviting and serene.

Customisable Content: We offer the flexibility to commission custom videos tailored to your specific needs and environments. This allows for a more personalized approach to incorporating our services into your offerings, ensuring that they align perfectly with your goals and audience.


Marianne DenglerIsha Hajry

“Thank you for always sharing a moment of tranquility to those of us who live chaotic lives. I can’t speak for anyone but myself but I do find your posts much appreciated for the good they do for the soul”

Christopher J. Williams Sr.

“This is actually a good form of anxiety therapy”


“Again a soothing combination of color and movement which somehow brings a sense of peace and tranquility to the viewer, well done.”


“These gorgeous posts out do everything I’ve been given for my PTSD, anxiety and depression. Just watching them calms my mind and soothes my soul. Sincere thanks.”

Custom Product Creation

If you require help putting together a digital product please contact us below for a personalised service.